FCP‑500 Conventional Automatic Fire Detectors


    • Modern, ultra-flat design that blends into the decor
    • Range of color rings for nearly invisible installation
    • Smooth, easy-to-clean surface even in dusty environments
    • False alarms minimized by continuous monitoring of detector pollution
    • Easy to replace and service


    Operating voltage 8.5 V DC bis 33 V DC
    Standby current
    FCA-500-EU 3 mA
    FCA-500-E-EU 24 mA
    Alarm current 47 mA
    Fault current
    FCA-500-EU 52 mA
    FCA-500-E-EU 58 mA
    Alarm resistance 0 Ω (UL application) or 680 Ω
    Fault relay output NC / C
    Indicator output Relay connects 0 V over 1.5 kΩ
    Individual display Two-color LED, red (alarm), green (test mode)
    Detector Ø 113 x 55 mm
    Detector with trim ring Ø 150 x 55 mm
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