Bosch introduces enhancements to its Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series



    Bosch Security Systems presents a new version of its Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series with enhanced features. The new release offers state-of-the-art network technologies such as Ethernet, and has proven itself in complex system environments. An ergonomically redesigned, intuitive user interface features a large, bright color touch-screen display. With the modular approach adapted to the Fire Panel 5000 Series, Bosch offers its customers fire alarm systems that can be tailored precisely to their needs. lt provides the flexibility for future growth without having to install additional panels at extra costs.

    • Multiple CAN loops with high-performance Ethernet fiber-optic connections permit more and very widely distanced panels for implementing complex solutions at airports etc.
    • An intuitive user interface that provides a complete status overview and allows quick and secure menue driven and context depended operation.
    • Flexible programming options allow individual solutions to customer needs
    • Convenience in placing or replacing modules anywhere in the shortest possible time thanks to the practical CAN bus
    • Extensive documentation of panel events thanks to an extended history log that can store up to 10.000 events
    • Quick and smart integration into Building Management Systems
    • The Planning Software lets you design your fire alarm systems in detail, including assignment of peripherals to different loops.
    • A complete plausibility check ensures that every project detail has been considered.
    • The easy-to-use program also generates a parts list of the system as well as price estimates.